Voyager Dogz is comprised of myself (Kathryn) and my husband (Wilhelm) and occassionally Wilhelm's son Brenden.

I began showing in 1995 when I got my second Doberman. After my first Doberman had died of kidney failure at the age of just 5-years-old, my then-husband Chuck and I began an exhaustive search to find a healthy Doberman. Our search led us through Denver into Utah and finally we ended in Oregon with Kevin Roeckl. Kevin had just had five puppies from a breeding to his wonderful black boy Jake.  He had only one red puppy in the litter, a male, and after talking with Kevin for some time, we convinced him that we would be a perfect home for the puppy.
Along the way, Chuck had been continuing to talk to some breeders here in Colorado and had attended his first dog show. He came back home from that show and told me "YOU are going to LOVE showing dogs."

Well, Chuck & I may not have been right in marriage, but he was right about that! I began attending handling classes in April 1995 and entered my very first dog show in August 1995. Luke & I placed 2nd in a class of 2, but I didn't get sick and we did well together and a love was born!
It was in 2000 when Chuck & I divorced and I met Wilhelm. Wilhelm worked on auto restoration (Mustangs being his favorite to work on) and so I took my 1968 Mustang to him to be restored.  He loved big dogs and had always wanted a Saint Bernard..  This is how St. Bernards entered our home :-)
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Last updated: December 30, 2012
Our "kennel" name comes from our first Great Dane "Kes". Kes was named Rocwinds Starship Voyager after the Startrek series. Although we never had a puppy from Kes, we liked how Voyager sounded :-)
After our last Doberman passed away (Isis), we decided to stick with just the Danes and St. Bernards. We did try to own a Samoyed - once - but found that it really wasn't the breed for us to live with. We still love and admire the breed which is why we co-breed and co-own with Kathleen. We do not breed many litters. Before our litter in 2012, our last litter was in 2003. We will breed only healthy animals and we will own only as many dogs as we feel we can keep in our house.

Because we are members of both the local Great Dane and Doberman club - and are close friends with most of the Saint Bernard breeders in this area - if you are interested in a puppy we will gladly help point you in the right direction. We strongly believe in the Great Dane color code of ethics and the Doberman Pinscher "Operation White-Out".

Please - Browse around our site, there is a LOT of information here. Be informed before you buy a puppy (of any breed). And if you ever have any dog questions, just let us know. We answer our email usually within about 24 hours or less.

In Aurora, Colorado USA
Kathryn Kudron & Wilhelm Beckmann
est 1995