2006 Happenings
(or .... What We Did in 2006 .... and earlier)
As with all years, there was good and bad in 2006. Doozer earned his first major when his breeder took him to California. He also went Best Bred-By Exhibitor!! Kes, the veteran of the household, went Best Opposite in Veteran Sweeps at back-to-back specialties. She was the oldest girl in competition both days and we are very proud of her!! Fox earned his first Major (a 4-pointer) by going WD/BOW! At that same show, one of Tia's puppies completed her championship by going WB/BOS. Kathryn finished Harley's (Samoyed) AKC Championship in March and Tia's Rally Novice title in March. Kathryn began showing Ronan (Samoyed) and Roarie (Belgian Tervuran). She showed the Boxers Joker, Chante, and Cruiser. In that, a very good year!

Trekkie was born in 2006 and joined our household in December.
Unfortunately, we lost Tia during a spay surgery in April, and Isis has been rehomed and spayed due to various reasons.
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In Aurora, Colorado USA
Kathryn Kudron & Wilhelm Beckmann
Last updated: August 18, 2011
Before 2006 -

1995 was Kathryn's first point on her first show dog - Luke. We also went to our very first National. We went to the Doberman Pinscher National in Oregon. A lot of dogs!! Luke placed 3rd in his class.

1996 brought with it several more points on Luke and another National. This time in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

1997 brought us the end of Luke's show career due to health reasons; but it also brought us the birth of Kes. Kes turned 6 months old in October of 1997, and that was the month of her very first point!

1998 - Luke's Companion Dog (CD) title and several more points on Kes, including her first major at just 10-months old!! We went to our first Great Dane National Specialty. Kes placed 4th (owner-handled) in a very competitive 12-18 month class.

1999 - Kes's AKC CHAMPIONSHIP and in October, her Best In Specialty win! It also brought us the birth of Tia in December. This is the year Kathryn began showing other people's dogs - mostly for fun.

2000 - Tia's first points in September; and her first Best of Breed win in October (wow, we like October!!!). Kes was specialed ocassionally. This was also the year of Kathryn's divorce from Chuck. Our 2nd Great Dane National. Tia placed first in her tough 9-12 class at the pre-show, and then placed 2nd in her Futurity class.

2001 - Tia's third Best of Breed win, for her first MAJOR (a 4-pointer). 3 months later, her second 4-pt major and her AKC CHAMPIONSHIP!!! This was also the year that Kes won Best of Breed in Topeka, KS over 53 Great Danes and went on to win her GROUP 1!!! This was also the year we discovered the United Kennel Club (UKC). Tia earned her UKC Championship in 4 shows. She ended the year as the UKC's #2 Great Dane. Tia earned her UKC Best in Show during this year (and several Reserve Best in Shows).

2002 - Tia continued to be specialed during this year; and Kes was spayed due to pyometra. This is the year Doozer was born and entered our household. Brenden showed Luke for the first time at an AKC show for Junior Showmanship and won his class the second day!! He also showed Kes and Tia on occasion. We travelled to Canada where Tia completed her Canadian Championship and then went Best in Specialty Show at the Great Dane Club of Canada Western division specialty. Kes went Best in Show Altered at that same specialty. Brenden won his very first Best Junior at the Canadian All-Breed shows. Kathryn showed Cessa (Great Dane) for a time.

2003 - Tia gave birth to 8 bouncing puppies!! Brenden showed her in Junior Showmanship shortly afterwards and won his class again. He showed Kes a couple of months later, winning his class again - and moving from Novice to Open! This is the year he won his first AKC Best Junior award (handling Tia). Two months later, handling Kes, he won Best Junior again! Doozer won his first points from the puppy class; taking Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Breed both days in Colorado Springs. Our first Saint Bernard National, in New Mexico.

We lost Luke in March of this year to sudden-onset cardiomyopathy

2004 - Tia's AKC group placement and we showed Kes for the first time in Veterans Exhibition. A Group placement for Kes!! Doozer continued to pick up singles here and there. And Brenden continued to show in Junior Showmanship, picking up class wins and the occassional Best Junior. Fox was born in this year! Isis joined us in January!! She picked up several singles during the year. Kathryn ran into an old friend of she hadn't seen since high school... at a show, of all places!! She met Kathleen and Lisa and a new friendship was born... Kathryn showed Stella (Great Dane), Troy (Doberman)

2005 - Kathryn began really showing Harley (Samoyed) for Kathleen, picking up one of his majors. She showed Piper (Samoyed) as well. Fox picked up his first point. Doozer was looking for just majors and so did not show the majority of this year. Tia was specialled occassionally and began working on her Rally title, earning one leg. Isis went Winners Bitch at two separate specialties and picked up her first major!! She also completed her UKC and IABCA Championships.
Trekkie and Doozer
Velvet and Luke